Let’s Get Started….

January 16, 2009

While I spent ten years in marketing/advertising before making a career change, I have been away from the field for about five years.  In those years much has changed.  I know of myspace, face book, linked in, twitter, and others, but I have very little knowledge of them.  Admittedly, I also had very little interest in them, as they didn’t coincide with my current life.

As my children grow, I am realizing that not only do I need to understand these “new media” websites, I need to have a good working knowledge of them for several reasons.  First and most important, I need to be able to intelligently discuss these sites with my kids as they get older and start to experiment with them.  And, since I plan to re-enter the workforce at some point, I need to stay current with the methods and practices of advertising, marketing and PR.

Enter the New Media Drivers  License course being offered at Michigan State University.  After reading the course description, I thought this sounded like the perfect class for me right now.  I can dabble in some of these sites that are so foreign to me, and learn some valuable new skills and resources at the same time.  Plus, when my kids eventually come to me to discuss some of these websites, I can talk to them about it intelligently,and hopefully do a good job of  convincing them of my ability to spy on them at all times through the computer.

A good article on “digital youth”


Another good article on how new media keeps corrupting our children:


An article in favor of exposing children to social media:



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